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Fuel Injection Repair

Fuel Injection Repair

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Today’s modern petrol fuel injected engines work to very fine tolerances. As the engine ages, carbon deposits and general wear and tear contribute to poor running issues. Fuel measuring trims can help overcome minor issues but only if the injectors are running correctly.

With the aid of our ASNU injector tester we can identify issues with the injector. From spray patterns to static flow tests we can identify faults, carry out ultrasonic cleaning and retest the injector to confirm improvement.

All tested injectors are returned with new top and base seals, filter baskets replaced and full test sheet.

We recommend testing all injectors from your engine even if only 1 has failed.

In the unfortunate case your injector is not repairable you will be contacted prior to return.

All injectors are subject to test fee even if the unit is faulty and non repairable.

We are not held responsible for any damage / loss sustained to the injectors during carriage to ourselves.

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Additional information


K Jetronic (£10 Each), Port Injector (£15 Each), GDI / FSI Injector (£25 Each)

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