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Adjustable Sway Bar & Link Kit

Adjustable Sway Bar & Link Kit

£300.18 (inc VAT)

22mm Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar & Link Kit



22mm Heavy Duty 2 Position Blade – RC0033RZ-22KIT

Multi Link Rear Axle Only, Factory fit. Includes bushings and 3 stage anti-corrosion coating. Includes Heavy Duty, High Articulation Sway Bar Links.

All SuperPro products:

  • Are made from SuperPro’s own proprietary special elastomer-based engineering-grade polyurethane formula
  • Exhibit the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic materials due to their unique formulation
  • Are a superior alternative to rubber; providing higher-quality quieter, longer lasting bushings with no increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)
  • Have superior abrasion resistance to rubber
  • Have excellent memory properties
  • Are unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils and coolant
  • Are not constrained by OE design constraints (mass-production costs, warranty and vehicle assembly factors)


About Superpro


SuperPro Europe Ltd. is the sole distributor of SuperPro’s full range of Polyurethane Suspension Bushes. Manufactured by the Fulcrum suspension company of Australia, throughout the UK and Europe. Their products can also be used in applications where the vehicle is intended for use in extreme conditions, including various forms of motorsport.

The products are constantly tested and re-engineered on their own vehicle fleet. As well as customers’ vehicles in the UK, Europe and around the world. Conducting a continuous program of cyclic testing on specifically-designed test equipment.

With their extensive range of superior quality bushes, they don’t just sell Polyurethane Suspension Bushes; they provide complete solutions to suspension and steering problems.

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Additional information

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